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Our schedule of events
A yearly summary of the festivities held at Olvera celebrating many events.

Historic Sights
Avila Adobe
Avila adobe, the oldest adobe house in Los Angeles.

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East Olvera Street
E-1.. - Augusto's Leather Shop
E-2.. - Augusto's Leather Shop
E-3.. - Ari's Shop
E-4.. - Martha's Imports
E-5.. - Rodolfo's
E-6.. - Catalina's Imports
E-7.. - Catalina's Imports
E-8.. - La Noche Buena
E-9.. - Rudy's Gifts Imports
E-10 - Avila Adobe
E-11 - El Paseo Inn
E-12 - Mr. Churro
E-13 - El Pueblo Gallery
E-14 - Myrosa
E-15 - La Fuente Shop
E-16 - Fiesta & Folklore
E-17 - El Rancho Grande
E-18 - Vacant
E-19 - Guadalajara Novelty Shop
E-20 - Juanita's
E-21 - Lozen's Trading Post
E-22 - Vega's Leather Shop
E-23 - Cielito Lindo

West Olvera Street
W-1.. - La Luz Del Dia
W-2.. - Reynati's Imports
W-2½ Kitty's Sno-Cones
W-3.. - Olvera Candle Shop
W-4.. - Consuelo's Quality
W-5.. - Ramos Imports
W-6.. - Leather Goods
W-7.. - Bazaar De Mexico
W-8.. - Handwriting Analysis
W-9.. - Bazaar De Mexico
W-10 - Casa California
W-11 - Casa Flores Imports
W-12 - Vistors' Center
W-13  - Vacant
W-14 - Veleria Candles
W-16 - Lisa's Casa de Crystal
W-17 - La Golondrina
W-18 - Mexico Shop #4
W-19 - Casa De Sousa
W-20 - Mexico Shop #1
W-21 - Casa Carolina
W-22 - Newspaper Headlines
W-23 - Casa Bernal
W-24 - Olverita's Village
W-25 - Vacant
W-26 - Las Anitas Mexican Restaurant

Center Olvera Street
C-1.. - Leather Goods
C-2.. - Hernandez & Sons Imports
C-3.. - Souvenir Shop
C-4.. - Gina's Shop
C-5.. - Flores De La Olvera
C-6.. - Carmelitas
C-7.. - Margarita's
C-8.. - Souvenir Shop
C-9.. - Rudy's Mexican Candy
C-10 - Souvenir Shop
C-11 - Huaraches
C-12 - Souvenir Shop
C-13 - Mi Destino
C-14 - Candy Shop
C-15 - Casa Rodriguez
C-16 - Casa Rodriguez
C-17 - Mexican Import Shop
C-18 - Rosita's
C-19 - Karinitas
C-20 - Casa Gutierrez
C-21 - Mexico Shop #3
C-22 - Don Juanito's Mexican Imports
C-23 - Guadalajara's Imports
C-24 - Lupe's Candy Shop
C-25 - Las Trancas
C-26 - Candy Shop
C-27 - Feria's Shop
C-28 - Feria's Shop
C-29 - Cucola Shop

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Featured Vendor
W10 - Casa California
Imported woodwork from the state of Oaxaca, and colorful Piñatas adorn our shop.

Picture in Focus

A mariachi group playing at Calle Olvera's 75th Anniversary celebration.


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Current Traditional Events:

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