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Avila Adobe
Avila adobe, the oldest adobe house in Los Angeles.

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1781 El Pueblo de Los Angeles is founded by Felipe de Neve and 44 families from New Spain
1818 Avila Adobe is built
1818-22 La Reina de Los Angeles catholic Church is built
1855-57 Pelanconi House
1858 Masonic Hall is built
1869-70 Pico House is built
1870 Merced Theatre is built
1877 Vine Street is renamed Olvera Street
1884 Firehouse is built
1887 Sepulveda House is built
Late 1880's Jones Building
1891 Garnier Building opens
1894 Simpson/Jones Building
1903 Substation is built
1908 Italian Hall opens
1909 Hammell Building
1914 Brick winery building is constructed
1910-20 Machine Shop
1925-26 Biscailuz building is built
1926 Mrs. Christine Sterling begins campaign to save the historic birthplace of Los Angeles
1926 Plaza Methodist Church is opened
1929 Los Angeles City Council passes ordinance closing Olvera Street to through traffic
1930 Olvera Street officially opens as a Mexican Marketplace on Easter Sunday April 20
1932 Olympic cottage is donated to Olvera Street
1944 USO Canteen opens in the Sepulveda House
1953 Olvera Street and the Plaza area become a California State Park
1960 Turner Building
1963 Mrs. Christine Sterling passes away in the Avila Adobe
1974 El Pueblo Management is created

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W10 - Casa California
Imported woodwork from the state of Oaxaca, and colorful Piñatas adorn our shop.

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A mariachi group playing at Calle Olvera's 75th Anniversary celebration.


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